Monday, October 5, 2015

Chapter 2: Drive-by Download Page 4

"Bacsain, you talk a lot for a guy you know," the almost six foot tall lady officer said as she lit up her tenth cigarette stick for the day.
"And you smoke a lot for a woman," the guy snorted, leaning on the police car parked in front of the precinct house.
"I'm afraid you'll have to deal with it," the lady replied nonchalantly as she sucked the smoke all the way to her lungs.
"Aaah! You don't understand, Dela Cruz. My wife keeps complaining about my cancelled leave. Who wants to spend long boring hours of shift at work anyway? On top of that, I have to endure the cloud of smoke you puffed into my face all night. Uhh! I don't even have time to see my kids. This is really stressful," he coughed in disgust as Dela Cruz blew the smoke to his face.
"I'm sorry to hear that, officer," the woman said.
"I wish I could sleep soundly like Regis here," referring to the officer sleeping in the car's driver seat. "Sure is nice to be single and young."
"And to be a fresh graduate.." Dela Cruz snickered.
"Brings back time?"
"Yeah, I can't imagine."
Velarmino suddenly came out of the police station's door together with the two newly promoted detectives, Fuentes and Arevalo. Dela Cruz immediately flicked her cigarette to the gutter and opened the car's door. She tapped the sleeping officer on his shoulder to wake him up. Regis opened his eyes and got out of the black sedan.
"We proceed as plan," Velarmino said when he came near the patrol officers. "Fuentes, you lead the way. Take Dela Cruz with you. Bacsain, you're coming with Arevalo. As soon as you see the kid, make him talk. We need to know the people working behind him. Are we clear?"
"Yes, sir!" the officers replied in chorus.
"Clear as mud.." Regis murmured.
"So what are you waiting for? Get your asses moving! We pawn the kid before the first ray of the sun touches the earth."
Regis went back to the car and revved up the engine while watching Fuentes and Dela Cruz opened the door of the black Interceptor SUV in front of him.
Velarmino sat beside him and instructed him to stay behind the two cars.
"So Sarg, you did it before?"
"Did what?"
"Point your gun to a kid's head to make him talk?"
Velarmino made a deep sigh and spoke in monotone. "Boy, people panic. Human weakness is part of vulnerability."
"Always counting on human error,huh?"
The SUV started and the black sedan behind them followed. "That's not my point though," Regis smirked as he stepped on the accelerator of his RS7. The three engines roared to life in full throttle, like hungry predators hunting for their prey in the streets of the Metropolis.
* * *

Simon was awakened by loud footsteps followed by harsh indistinct voices outside his door. He slowly opened his eyes while he listened to the electro-house music coming from his computer speakers echoing in his room.When he realized it wasn't the heavy bass playing on his computer, he sat on his bed and tried to figure out the owners of the voices.He suddenly stood up on his feet when he heard loud bangs on his door followed by a shrieked sound.
The door was opened by a loud kick and the chain lock snapped. The next thing he knew, Ziah was dragging him out of his room. Chloe was crying and shouting obscure words while Ziah attempted to explain something to her.
He pulled Ziah away from Chloe while trying to figure out what's going on. Ziah lost her temper and pushed him back. She went to his computer desk and took the twenty-seven inch monitor.
"Nooo!" Simon shouted when the loud music stopped. He was in complete shock, unable to move in disbelief. The girl repeatedly smashed his computer on the floor until the glass panel fell and the LCD shattered into pieces.
When Ziah was able to remove the computer hard drive, they heard the sound of screeching wheels stopping in front of the house.

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