Thursday, September 24, 2015

Chapter 2: Drive-by Download Page 2

Simon suddenly stopped walking, his gaze was still at the night sky. He was surprised to see Alpha Lupi, the brightest star in the southern side of the constellation just above the Centaur. He wondered why, but he had a feeling that the sky which was filled with bright dazzling stars looked so empty and grim.
He silently walked back towards the road that lead to the park just near his house. When he saw their house, he slowly pulled his hood again and hid his face in the dark.
*  *  *
11:57 PM Chatroom #ganker21

A pop-up window suddenly appeared on Simon's screen while he was browsing his email account. He clicked the accept button and a message showed up.
<DK:> How's hacking, Beast?
Simon gulped as he ran his hands on his already ruffled straight hair. He pushed his computer glasses at the bridge of his nose and started to type.
<CB:> Nothing. Just exploiting new software bugs...
<DK:> Sounds fun. You done with the cheat cartridge?
CyberBeast looked behind his back and searched for the cartridge that just arrived two days ago. His dark brown eyes flickered as he caught a glimpse of the device in his dark room, cluttered with video game accessories, broken computer parts and big empty boxes. No matter how blurry his eyes had become, his fingertips have memorized all the keys on his keyboard and so he eagerly replied to his virtual boss.
<CB:> T! I was about to activate my newest codes, but then I saw your email just 25 minutes ago.
<DK:>: No worries, your next mission wouldn't take you a whole day to finish. Follow all given instructions just like before.
<CB:> Copy that DK. I'm almost finished downloading the files.
When the last video was about to finish downloading, Simon took the milk carton box located at the left side of his keyboard and gulped down the remaining white liquid. He threw it in a can near the window where all the other carton boxes were left lying on the floor. He wiped the spilled milk on his mouth with his left hand, then dried his hand on his tattered pants which haven't been washed for five days.
<DK:> As agreed, 50% of the payment has been delivered to your account. The other 50% will be sent once the job is done.
<CB:> I understand. Tnx 1.0E6 Sir.
<DK:> Very well, Faceless is expecting a lot from you.
<CB:> I see.
<DK:> Hack. Hack.
Simon closed the IRC window as soon as DK left the chatroom. He put down his phone on the desk as sweat ran down to his bare chest. He dialed  the number on his phone and then cancelled it.
"It must be a loyalty test, that's all." He crumpled the piece of paper Ziah gave him that afternoon as he watched the download bar appeared 89% complete on his monitor.
He almost had an heart attack when his phone suddenly rang. It was Pete on the other end of the line.
"Where are you bro?"
"How come you're calling this late in the evening?"
"Oh, sorry I was just checking on you. Where are you?"
"At my place, where else!"
"Uh, ok just checking. We were worried. What happened to you at the arcade?"
"Don't worry about that."
"Well, see you at school then."

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