Monday, October 5, 2015

Chapter 2: Drive-by Download Page 7

Simon put on his hood as small drops of rain started to fall from the sky. They quietly walked the damp streets which was now filled with the siren of police cars coming from the direction of his house.
"Fuck the weather forecast," she cursed as they turned left on a corner. Simon tried to catch up as fast as he could, looking restlessly from left to right.
"Keep your head down," Ziah murmured again while fixing the hood of her own waterproof jacket. A few blocks from where they were, an old woman suddenly walked out of her house and raised the rolling steel door of her shop.
"Good morning," the woman greeted them as they came near her bakery store.
"Morning," Ziah greeted her back. "Smells nice." she said in very low voice. Simon kept quiet, his head still bow down.
"Why don't you try some," the owner smiled as they passed by her.
"I wonder what happened," a voice of an old man echoed in the streets. Simon looked back and saw a fat bearded man holding an umbrella.
"Must be something terrible," the bakery owner said. They both looked at the direction where he and Ziah came from and continued on chatting with indistinct voices.
The streets which were empty a few minutes ago started to come alive as the townspeople opened their doors one by one.
"Did something happen?" an old man asked his neighbor.
"No idea," the neighbor answered back.
The wind brought chills to Simon as he listened to the faint voices around wondering about the early morning ruckus. His thoughts were broken when Ziah spoke again.
"There," she said pointing on something. When he finally looked up he saw a silver Mercedes just about twenty meters from where they were.
"Hurry," Ziah said as she grabbed his hand and pushed him inside the car. "At the back beast."
"But there's almost no room in here," he complained while trying to fit himself at the back of the sports car.
"Don't worry about Chloe, I already called your guardian to take care of her."
"Didn't you hear me?"
"Why do you always keep on complaining?" Ziah shouted in between her breaths. "Are we safe?" she turned to Rayne.
"All clear. Saved by the rain, it's still dark and foggy."
"Thank you." Ziah fastened her seat belt and sighed. "Let's go to the doctor's house."
Rayne adjusted the rear-view mirror and glanced at Simon who was struggling to fit himself at the back of the sports car. "Your little brother's cute." he said while starting the car. "You don't look alike though."
"She's not my sister.." Simon said.
Rayne sneered and murmured, "What an ungrateful bastard."
"Just shut up and drive, Rayne," Ziah whispered back with a forced smile.

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