Monday, October 5, 2015

Chapter 2: Drive-by Download Page 6

"We're screwed up!" Regis said while watching Velarmino and Fuentes talked to the old man whom the Sergeant referred to as Attorney Rivera. "Damn that old man, why does he have to keep me here!" He entered Simon's room again and yawn as he watched Arevalo inspect the clutters on the floor.
"Jet, check on this. What do you think?" the detective said while checking on a brown box with a red plastic attached to it.
Regis squatted beside the detective and took the white paper attached inside the plastic. "Hmm..4MDK2CB, huh," he read out loud. "Could it be a code or something? A cracker's code?"
"Nope," Arevalo said. "It means the box was from DK and the receiver was CB."
Regis eyes narrowed, "Huh? You mean, DK from Faceless?"
"Then if you know already, why ask me?"
Arevalo hit Regis on the head with his knuckle and said, "Because when I ask, you answer. You lazy-ass punk!"
"The fuck with that?"
"It doesn't matter if you graduated from The Academy or if you are a blessed child from the heavens. In this team, you have to respect your seniors."
"You're from the Academy too, what's your problem?" he whispered.
Arevalo stood up and took a black cartridge on Simon's messy bed. He threw it to Regis and asked him again, "What do you think is that?"
Regis inspected the small device, the words "Mega Game" in red letter was written on it. "Looks like a cheat cartridge to me, I've seen one before."
"I knew it," Arevalo took the cartridge back and sealed it in a plastic bag for evidence. "So tell me, brat how did our cracker escaped even with security cameras watching all over this house?"
Regis stood up and held the broken chain lock hanging from the door frame, "Well, I guess while the cracker was still fast asleep, someone came and kicked the door open." Regis walked towards the computer desk and continued, "He went straight to the suspect's computer and smashed the desktop on the floor, took the hard drive and dragged the suspect out. Then they told the li'l sister to dress in his brother's dress to confuse the officers who just arrived at the front door to buy time as they escaped, while his accomplice tampered with the security cameras. I wonder if it was DK, though."
"Good. You write the report, then."
"Raul, you!" he complained. "Fu**!, I knew it."

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