Saturday, May 16, 2015


    Ziah aka Z is a third year college student and a white hat hacker who works for WebSec Agency- one of the five IT bases of the country's most powerful organization known as Three Stars. This organization own the biggest ports, sell the newest and most advanced armories and most of all offer the best security large companies needed through data protection and mercenaries thus controlling the north, central and south regions.

    WSA’s current task is to catch the notorious cyber group called Faceless and stop them from stealing classified data from 3Stars' top clients. Z uses this opportunity to look for his missing childhood friend Simon Martin- a high school student suspected to be a Faceless black hat cracker. Left with no clue, Z continues her part-time job at WSA and unluckily, fell in love with Rael- the agency's Chief Information Security Officer.

    One zero day made a huge turnaround in Ziah's life when the Queen of the Web- an infamous hacker and her assassins made an attack at the security firm. The 3Star's most controversial file known as Project 3S-P1301 has been stolen and a lot of the white hat hackers were murdered. Z tries to launch a counterattack against the Queen using her biggest tool known as D-virus, a software program she created during her thesis which won an award in her university. When she looked for Rael, she found him on his knees with the Queen's gun aimed at his heart. Will the white hat hacker be able to save the man she loves and will she ever find Simon?

"Human weakness is part of vulnerability. You can always count on human error."

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