Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chapter 1: The CyberBeast Page 1

In an almost pitch-black room, Simon Martin received an online call from his boss regarding his first mission. The raspy voice from the other line gave him information regarding the site he was supposed to crack.
"I believe I have given you all the data you need. Attack starts at 10:15 right after the meeting with the Chancellor has started."
Simon fidgeted on his chair and ruffled his hair, "Oh, ok.. Thanks a million, Sir!"
"By the way, I sent you a little gift. It might arrive anytime today. Happy hacking!"
The line got disconnected and only silence could be heard.
"A gift?" Simon wondered.
He removed his headset and computer glasses and placed them on top of his desk. Sweat ran down from his forehead to his tattered jeans as he took his shirt off and threw it on a pile of dirty clothes behind him. He then clicked on a couple of links and a PDF and AVI file started to download.
Simon stood up from his chair and lay down on his bed. He placed his left hand on top of his eyes and stretched his right hand. He knocked down the Calculus book beside him and it fell on the floor. He turned to his side and checked on what fell.
Huh? Was it Kyle's? Simon picked up the book and sat down. He turned on the lampshade and put on his reading glasses. He ran his fingers on the bottom side of the book where the name Mikhaila Soriano was written in black pen. Suddenly, Simon felt a little chill and he realized that he was feeling a little scared. It was his first mission for Faceless after all.
The company that they were supposed to attack was owned by an influential businessman who wanted to buy 5 of the State University's Colleges. Some of the student council officers were against the negotiation and they happened to be members of Faceless. Their goal was to stop the privatization of the 5 Colleges by silencing the company's online services and doxing their high ranking corporate officers.
He wondered if his decision to accept the work for Faceless was right. DK, a gamer he met in the World of Mindcraft- an online game set in a fantasy universe, recruited him to join the group. Though Simon specialized in cracking game software, he had little interest in a denial of service attack. He was after all just a senior high school student hacker wannabe who was able to manage his grades despite of his many absences.
Simon was lost in his deep thought when he noticed loud knocks on his door.
"Open up geek!!!! Open up!!"
That was his younger sister Chloe who pounded his door for what seemed to be forever. When she stopped, he placed the Calculus book under his pillow and walked towards the door. He hesitated for a moment but just when he turned and pulled the knob, the door was hardly pushed.
I knew this is coming. He realized it was a big blunder when her sister suddenly jumped towards him and knocked him down.
"What's wrong with you?" he yelled at Chloe. His reading glasses fell on the floor and he cursed while he searched for it on the floor. When he found it he noticed a small crack at the left lens.
"What the f**! Chloe you little bitch!"
When he looked up, his sister was already in front of his computer staring at the screensaver.
"Wow, is that your girlfriend? But she's too pretty for a geek like you. Aren't you ashamed of yah---"
"Ok,ok I got it. Step out already.." he said while dragging Chloe out of his room.
"Wait, I'm not done! Show me her other pictures!!"
"No!" he said as he slammed the door.
He heard his sister's voice again, "Your package is at the floor, stuuuupid! Bleh!" and he heard her running down the stairs.
Simon opened the door again and saw a small brown box  with red tapes at the floor. He picked it up and immediately closed the door. He checked on the paper attached to it and the characters "4MDK2CB" were written in red bold letters.

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