Thursday, August 6, 2015

Chapter 1: The CyberBeast Page 8

Simon and Mikhaila entered the MegaShroom Booth and chose red mushrooms as the photo background. Her soft hair touched his face as he bent a little to fit in the frame. She smelled tropical like ylang-ylang and sweet as vanilla, and he was tempted to place his right hand on her right shoulder.
"Come closer!" she said as she tugged his black shirt's round neckline.
"Ow!" Simon cried when their head hit each other and he intentionally fastened his arms around her neck to tease her. "That was bad."
Mikhaila laughed and apologized while she tried to hit Simon's face with her right hand. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"
When they stepped out of the booth, Mirel forcefully pulled Simon on a corner.
"Hey nerd, come here." She pointed something to him and he frowned when he realized what she was trying to make him do.
Mirel whispered on his ear. "Your wife likes the red one. Better get it for her. Amily's mine ok?!"
Simon looked behind him to see where Mikhaila was but it looked like she was still at the photo booth machine. He turned back on the crane machine and checked on the stuffed toys. He scratched his nape and swiped his card. "The Space Dogs?" he muttered.  He then held the joystick and the claw slowly moved right above the red alien puppy located on top of the other plushies.
He went to the side of the machine and took a peek behind the glass to check on the angle of the claw. He then hit the button on top of the joystick and the claw moved down and clamped his target. When the plush went to the prize chute, Mirel cheered. He took the red rottweiler-looking dog in space suit and he felt a little knot in his stomach as he stared at its over-sized round eyeglasses.
"Huh so you guys are here," Mikhaila said as she approached them with Micah behind her.
Mirel hit his side with an elbow. "What are you waiting for??"
"Uh," Simon gave the red stuffed toy to her. "I thought you like this," he said in a very low voice.
"Mr. Ebbi!" Mikhaila's eyes sparkled, "How did you know?"
"Wohh!?" Micah's eyes suddenly glimmered as she leaned on the glass, "Get me the blue one, nerd."
"Hey, pink one first!" Mirel complained.
Mikhaila hugged Ebbi. "Thank you." She took something from her shoulder bag and gave it to Simon. "By the way, I got our photos. Here, this one's for you."
Simon took the 2x6 photo strip and quickly placed it in his pocket while Micah and Mirel called his name. When he turned around, he saw Mirel- her arms on her waist.
"Don't forget about us!" she sneered.
He held his hands up, "Relax, relax. The enemy is weak!"
And the two girls smiled at each other.
Simon went back in front of the crane game machine and swiped his card. Mikhaila and her friends watched him in amazement as he skillfully controlled the claw to grab the toy space dogs.
When Jason passed by, Mirel asked him to hold the plushies she got on her hands.
"What's with all these space men...err.. dogs?" Jason complained while Mirel put almost seven space toys on his two hands. "Bro, are you planning to take everything out?"
"We'll sell them for fund raising." Mikhaila answered.
"What's the fund raising for?" he asked.
"Who knows?" Mirel said.
"Who cares?" Micah seconded.
While everyone was focused on the crane, Benjie suddenly showed up out of nowhere and pulled Simon's right arm.
"Hey dude, come here. You wouldn't believe this!"
"I'm kinda busy, man.." Simon said ignoring him.
"Don't be a party pooper Benj," Mirel shouted.
"But the Cyberbeast is in the house!"
Simon released the joystick and the pink space dog fell back on top of the pile of toys.
"Huh?!" Simon gave him a stern look, his eyebrows pulled down, “What?”
"It's real! Everyone is gathering at the Knights of the Watchtower! Stop being a bloody punk and hurry up."
"You better not be screwing with me.." Simon said who still have that bewildered look on his face as he ran after him.
"Wait up!" Jason yelled at them as he offered the toys back to the ladies.
"No, no, no," Micah quickly shoved the plushies back to Jason's face and said, "Hold them and be a man." She then grabbed Mirel on her waist and dragged her away from the machine.
"Noo! My Amily!" Mirel shouted.
"Mikhaila, don't just stand there! Help me!"

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