Sunday, June 21, 2015

Chapter 1: The CyberBeast Page 7

"Something's definitely wrong with this piece of junk!" A disgusted bald guy cursed after losing a game from Alfred, a junior high student from Sapang Biabas College. Alfred's friends and the other onlookers laughed and made fun of the guy as he continued speaking in vulgar words.
"This game ain't over." he said as he swiped his card again.
An alert showed on Alfred's screen and asked if he would like to accept the challenger or not. "I hate to say this pops, but you bore me to death."
"Yeah run to your momma!" a high school boy cried and the young teenagers roared with laughter.
Meanwhile, a girl in black ankle boots suddenly shoved her way through the crowd. She scanned the place and made a crooked smile as she slowly approached the bald man.
"Hey, baldy! Time to get off that seat."  She kicked him in the butt and placed her right foot on the chair.
The guy fell and cursed again "Who's the motherfagg--?"
Everyone stopped laughing and stared at the girl who was wearing a white knit cap.
"I'm taking over this seat, chomper," the girl whispered with blood-curdling eyes.
The fat guy's face flushed in red and he gritted his teeth as he crawled backwards. "What's your problem??"
Alfred tapped his right foot on the floor and checked on the lady from top to bottom. The girl sat on the chair and touched the screen before her. She swiped her card and stared at the boy across her. "Are you the ace player here?"
"So what if I am?" Alfred replied in a sleepy voice.
"I'm Ziah and I'm sorry but.. I'm kicking your ass."
The sound of the jeers echoed the whole arcade and few of the students went closer to the girl, "Hey lady! Are you out of your mind? You're talking to the Master Gamer."
"Who is she? I haven't seen her before."
"Must be from another town," a group of young girls whispered.
Alfred placed his hands on his stomach and giggled in an almost breathy laugh. He waved his hand to the five foot guy beside him who then took out three pieces of one thousand peso bill from his pocket. The guy gave the money to his friend who was standing right in front of the big screen between Alfred and the girl.
"Oh, the Master Gamer. I see. But, I'm looking for the Ace Player here. I don't want a boring game with you."
Alfred stood up and shouted, "How about you suck up like a suck machine so you could suck your words to your ass, you bitch!"
"The way you talk, you must be the master gamer of all shits? I suppose," Ziah said with a smirk on her face.
"Who do you think you are?" Alfred said while trying to catch his breath.
Ziah opened her wallet and pulled around twenty pieces of one thousand peso bill. She smiled as she threw the money to the young umpire, "The Cyberbeast."
And everyone froze.

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