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Chapter 1: The CyberBeast Page 10

The young people made a loud noise as they entrust their allowance money on the Game Master's hands.
While everyone was busy making their bet, Ziah called to Simon, "Hey kid! Don't make that kind of face."
"Huh? Me?" he asked with a perplexed expression. "What face?"
"A loser's face," Ziah said blankly as she put on her VR headset.
Simon murmured as he slowly walked towards the chair across the girl. "She sure has an amazing confidence." He scratched his head as he picked up the white Suntech VR headset on top of the machine. As soon as he sat down, the screen in front of him lit up. He heard the usual voice of the game avatar named Mangacha through his headset. The Cyberbeast, huh?
A new player has been detected. Please swipe your card to challenge the current champion.
Simon moved his card across the detector and activated his KOW account.
Welcome back, Dominus Lam-ang. Please wait for CyberBeast to accept your challenge.
Simon's jaw dropped, "Holy Vigoss!"
"Is that a question mark above your head?".
He scowled trying to ignore the girl's taunt. I wonder.
There are basically three big screens, one for each of the players and one big screen in the middle for the audience to have a view of the game. Mangacha spoke again and the surrounding changed to that of a hidden spring in the middle of two giant mountains.
Welcome to the Knights of the Watchtower. I, Mangacha the weaver of the night sky and the creator of the Heavens command you to save the twin princess-Luceia and Lucena from the Destroyer.
Death Match set.
Reverse disabled.
All Random activated.
Your hero is Haik, God of the Sea.
Game starts in 15 seconds...
The 3D battle sound started and Simon felt a light current against his neck. He took the wand controller and checked on his enemy's territory. The Destroyer was Tala, one of the 3 star goddesses, level unknown. When he checked her items, a warning showed. You are not allowed to access this inventory.
The task was simple, defend the watchtower and kill the Destroyer. However, if the enemy killed the twin princesses first, then the game would be over.
The battle trumpet sounded right after Simon bought his items. I can't see her level which only means she must be more than 5 levels higher than me, he thought as he made a manic smile. There is only one way to finish this.
Simon activated Invisibility through his Shadow Manta and teleported his hero at the bottom of the valley. "Three seconds," he said as he waited for the black cavaliers to arrive.
"Not so fast," the girl said and white clouds blasted through the valley."Found you, lover boy!"
Tala's arrow, Empyrean Plasma hit Haik and reduced his life at 40%.
"You should know that Invi doesn't work when you're against the CyberBeast!"
Impossible. Dalikmata's True Sight can only be purchased once you reached the Grandmaster Level! Could she really be..
"Are you even trying?" the girl's voice echoed through his ear. Three black knights appeared from above Haik and bolts of lightning flashed.
Simon made a sly grin.
Three violent splashes of water cut through the knights and he quickly pressed what seemed to be random letters on his keyboard. In just three seconds the clones dropped to the ground and disappeared.
You have been awarded with Sucrose Crystal. Click I to add in inventory or S to sell for 5000 gems.
"Impressive," the girl muttered. He managed to reached 20 levels up in an instant by killing three knights in 3 seconds?
Simon sold the crystal for gems and bought the Devil Ray, Sword of Edmun, 3 Mystic Chains and typed in </iamaFUSION>
Mangacha's voice reverberated. Dominus Lam-ang is in God-Mode.
"Now we're even."
The girl cackled and clapped her hands. "So that's how it is! Amazing, amazing! I love donating blood, but it wouldn't always be mine."
"You talk too much trash. I respect getting pwned by a woman, so why don't you try again?"
"I'm not trash talking. I'm talking to trash."
"Oh, yeah?"
Simon clicked on the girl's account. His eyes widened when he stared at a very familiar red-eyed icon in his opponent's profile. It can't be! This is..

Username: CyberBeast
Lvl: Grand Master 4
Battle Points: 750/1000
Best Hero: Sinukwan, God of Sun and War
Featured Destroyer: Galura, Bringer of Storms
Ratings: 10/10

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