Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chapter 1: The CyberBeast Page 12

"Why are you following me?"
"Who are you?"
Ziah ran as fast as she could but Simon still followed her. When she saw the narrow alley just two blocks away, she smiled and turned right towards there. Simon chased her down the path, but he was surprised to see a dead end.
He froze, totally confused with the situation. She disappeared! He stared at the wall in front of him filled with Rangoon Creepers which filled the air with a sweet fragrant smell like apple. When the sky turned to indigo, the peach flowers of the crawling vine started to look white.
Simon slowly moved his head to his left when he felt something moved from behind him. When he turned around, Ziah showed up with a right roundhouse kick. He squared off and destroyed the blow with his elbow to her shin and countered with a low kick to the back of her left knee.
"What's wrong with you?" Simon yelled when Ziah fell on her knee.
"Just playing," she said as she quickly spun 180 degrees sidewards and kicked him with her right foot.
Simon fell on his back and rolled to his left. When he stood up, Ziah's left jab almost landed on his face.
"Will you cut it out!" He stepped out and hit her triceps with the back of his left hand. Ziah danced on her triangular footwork and threw a cross punch. He parried her right hand and took the inside of her left wrist and hit her biceps.
"Weak!" Ziah yelled at him. She caught his arms with both of her hands and hit his back with her elbow.
He dropped-- his palms flat on the floor. When he tried to stand up, Ziah pushed him down with her left knee as she twisted and locked his left arm between her thighs.
"Not good."
Simon felt drowsy. He tried to struggle but he was unable to move his body, his thin arm stuck behind him. Ripples of pain traveled from his fingertips to his chest and he was completely pissed off of himself.
"So does your girlfriend know that you help ddosed her uncle's website last Saturday?"
Simon stopped moving-- his eyes wide, "I have no idea what you're--"
"Don't try to deny it. I found your tracks all over the site."
"I-impossible. DK said that all footprints will be removed," Simon said between quick short breaths.
"You panicked easily and spit out stuffs you aren't supposed to say."
"What do you want from me?"
"So, who is DK?"
Simon covered his mouth with his other hand and cursed in pain.
"Do you understand what it means to release the 2,466 emails of Alpha Realty's CEO to the public which includes his communications with the Chancellor?"
"I didn't! I was only told to post the video on their homepage. That's all I did, I swear. I wasn't even part of the ddosing!"
"Listen carefully and I'll say this to you only once," Ziah stood up and released his arm. Simon crunched and placed his right hand on his left shoulder.
"You seemed like you didn't know exactly what you just did so I'll have to warn you. Expect one of these days, the cops will come around pounding at your door, while you're still dreaming of Sentinels and Vigoss."
"Oh, really? Just who the hell are you?"
"Once you get in touch with DK again, you better contact me immediately."
"You attacked me and expect me to trust you?" He said while trying to sit on the floor. A piece of paper fell in front of Simon. He picked it up and read it, "What the hell is this?"
"Call me."
"You sucked."
"Don't make that kind of face, Beast." Ziah felt a small throbbing discomfort on her upper left arm. "You are not that weak," her husky voice echoed through the three walls of the alleyway. She left Simon with a red face.
It was already dark but Greenville Subdivision was illuminating with the neon lights from the line of street lamps placed around their park. Simon laid at his back and watched the bright stars from the sky. He touched his head which felt a little sore and a small light flicker from his eyes. He held the piece of paper above his eyes and stared at it.
"That girl.."

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