Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chapter 1: The CyberBeast Page 4

5PM, Greenville Subdivision

It was late summer. The light smell coming from the lilac flowers of Banaba trees which surrounded the People's Park could be smelled all over the town. The college bell rang and one-by-one students excitedly ran leaving their classrooms empty and quiet. The noise was immediately transferred to the streets as young energetic teenagers walked in groups making loud chatters and laughs.
A twelfth grader girl in pink and gray uniform patiently waited for her two friends on their usual meeting spot after school. She was quietly watching the lilac petals as they fluttered on the brick sidewalk when she heard a familiar voice calling her name.
The girl turned around and saw her two classmates- Mirel, a light-haired girl with a slim figure and Micah, a short and chubby girl.
"Hey, what took you so long?" she softly asked them as the wind blew on her long layered hair, its hue matching that of the Banaba's cinnamon-colored bark.
"Common! Let's hurry!" said Micah who pulled her arms as they quickly ran and followed the somewhat spicy scent of the lilac flowers.
They finally stopped in front of a 148-square meter lot where a two-story beige house was built. The wind blew softly again and the oval-shaped leaves of the trees that lined the park across the street seemed to dance at the sound of the girl's voices.
"Go ahead and push the button!" shouted Mirel while she giggled with Micah.
Mikhaila let out a deep sigh. "What if he says no?" she said as she stepped down the front door steps. "Micah, please do it for me!" she begged while fidgeting out on her friend's uniform.
The two girls pushed her up the short stairway again while Mirel gave her a lecture.
"Come on girl! If you let Micah do it, she will just end up trashing your husband! You can do it! It has to be you!"
"No, I can't do it!" Mikhaila protested.
Micah only smiled and pat her head.
After a couple of minutes of discussions and arguments, Mikhaila was back at the front door while the two hid behind a shrub.
Mikhaila raised her shaking hands to the door bell. She turned towards her friends and when she saw them hiding she complained.
"Do you really have to hide?!"
The two girls whispered and encouraged her to continue.
"Just do it!" Mirel murmured. "Do what you have to do.."
"We got your back!" Micah said. "You can do it!"
Looks like I have no choice, Mikhaila muttered to herself as the two continued to whisper. She looked at the doorbell and her face flushed. Why is it too difficult to push that button?  She scratched her left leg with her right foot and when she was about to push the button, the door opened.
A 13-year old, fair-skinned girl with long-bob brown hair suddenly showed up. The girl's jaw dropped upon seeing her while pointing on her, "It's you, big sis!"
Mikhaila almost panicked but when she realized it was Simon's little sister she quickly recovered "Uhm, Hi.. Good a-a-fternoon. I'm Sim--"
The little girl slammed the door while Mikhaila was still struggling with her words, "..Eh?" She froze, then turned to her friends again and asked "Hey, what should I do?"
Mirel and Micah looked at each other. Mirel whispered on Micah's ear and the latter just kept on nodding.
"Hey what should I do?" Mikhaila asked again in a low voice. "What's the plan?"
When the two didn't respond, she stared back at the door, then on the floor. Uhm wait,.Did she just said, Big Sis? I'm sure I heard her right. She looked at the two again and now their backs were turned away from her.
"Why are you facing that way?" She could hear them discussing if it's time to drag her down and run.
She sighed. "Hey, there's no need to do that.."
When Mikhaila was about to descend the stairs, the door opened again. When she turned around, her cheeks flushed.

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