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Chapter 1: The CyberBeast Page 5

"Kyle?" Simon smiled while closing the door behind him.
"Wassup?" she said in a surprised voice.
Simon went closer to Mikhaila with an enthusiastic look on his face.  He ruffled his dark copper hair and slightly tilted his head towards her.
"Wassup?" he answered back smiling.
She blushed and spoke softly.
"Sai, uhm..well--" She suddenly stopped when she noticed how his eyes look a bit bigger without his reading glasses. Huh! I didn't notice he has dark almond-eyes.
Simon looked at her and leaned forward as he waited for her to speak.
"What is it Kyle?"
Mikhaila's face turned red when she realized that he was staring closely at her.
"Hey, your face is too close." She stepped her right foot back and forgot she was on the stairs. Simon quickly grabbed her as she almost lost her balance.
"Hey, that's dangerous!" Simon yelled as he pulled her away from the steps. "Are you okay?" he said while he tugged her closer.
Mikhaila blushed and quickly averted Simon's gaze, "I'm sorry, I forgot about the stairs."
Simon leaned his head closer to her again and said, "Ah, as long as you're ok. Hey look," he pointed on his face "I can't see your face when you are too far. I broke my glasses, yah know."
"Oh, I see. At least, please keep your face 16 inches away from me, okay?." Mikhaila mumbled and looked at Simon in the eyes. My face feels hot. I wonder if he can tell.
"Huh?" Simon frowned. "16 inches what?" He looked up and wondered at the light blue sky.
Mikhaila hurriedly opened her bag, took a notebook and gave it to Simon.
"Here. We'll be having our Summative Tests next week. Make sure you come to class, okay?"
Simon stared at the notes and scratched his head, "Did you miss me?"
Mikhaila's face turned red again. But when she looked at Simon, she noticed his eyes looked downcast. She thought he might have been lonely, since it was just a couple of weeks ago when his father died. She remembered when he used to go to class and they would talk about his father. He was a sturdy man in his mid-50s who worked overseas as an engineer and would come home every 2 years only and during holidays. Every time he was home, they would play all the video games Simon had cracked. His father was a weird but an amazing guy who loved to play computer games considering his age. When his old man died, his absences started to increased.
She nodded, "Uhm, I guess so. Everyone's looking for you. "
He grinned and took the notes, "I see."
Mikhaila sighed when she saw him smiled. It's terrible when he make that kind of face.
While Simon was checking on the notes, they heard rough crackling sound coming from the bushes a few meters away from them. "Huh, who are those?"
"Uhm, well.." Mikhaila scratched her right temple and looked away from Simon. "We are going to Mossy Maze today. Wanna play with us?" she finally said.
Simon's eyes lit up, "Can I go?"
"Mm-m." Mikhaila muttered, her gaze at the floor. "Destroyers II was out last week. Everyone's checking it out."
"Oh, I heard the hologram was great."
"You haven't tried it?" Mikhaila said in a high-pitched voice, her eyes wide as she turned her face again towards Simon. She folded her arms and whispered to herself. "So the game maniac could be left behind too."
Simon laughed. His voice seemed to echo at the whole neighborhood.
"Looks like everything's going as planned." Micah said while peeking at the two.
Mirel nodded as she scratched her two feet, "Yes. Except for the party of ants here."
Micah sighed and touched her forehead.
Simon rolled the notes she gave him and placed it on his left pocket. "Anyway, I just need to finish something then I'll catch up with you. Okay?"
He stared at Mikhaila who gave a faint smile as she quickly cast her eyes down. He then turned around but stopped halfway when he seemed to remember something.
"Hey Kyle," he said as he looked back at her.
Mikhaila lifted her eyes, her hands squeezed tightly in front of him.
"Hey," he said again as he slowly moved closer to her. He lifted her left hand and touched the tip of the layered hair resting on her shoulder. "I promise, okay?"
Mikhaila blushed again and step back. She smiled and quickly ran down.
He watched her as she called the two who were still hiding behind the bush.
"Let's go," she said.  "He promised he'll be there in a bit."
The girls waved at Simon, who waved back at them. Mirel shouted in her loud voice, "You better be there nerd! Or I'll kick your ass."
"Okay, okay." Simon shouted back.
Ziah watched as she sat on a park bench shaded by a line of banaba trees, her hazel eyes were hidden by a pair of dark blue aviator sunglasses. Just as the wind blew with white dust, a lilac flower fell on her hair. The air was warm on her face but she felt a strange chill to her bones. While pondering on her boredom, she realized that the season was about to change, not very different on how she could see her life from here on.
She turned her head up and looked at the cumulus clouds. The sun was hiding, but her eyes seemed blinded. Another flower was dying. She  followed the lilac petals with a cold gaze as they fall slowly. Just before the flower reached the ground, she heard the voices of the three young girls fading as she listened to them through the miniature microphone hidden at the lower sash of the house's window sill. So he got cute girls hanging around with him, huh?!

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