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Chapter 1: The CyberBeast Page 3

"Why are you so depressed?" Roslyn asked when Ziah took her seat. "Everyone is celebrating since Ms. Terror 'might' be absent for today."
Ziah rested her head on top of her desk and closed her eyes trying to ignore her friend. She was startled by a bottle of orange juice that Rayne placed on her left cheek.
"By the way Dee, did you get involved in the attack on Alpha Realty last Saturday?" he asked.
Ziah made a deadpan face and  took the bottle of juice from Rayne.
It was Roslyn who answered, "I heard it was WebSec who got involved. I saw the drop-dead  gorgeous CISO on TV! He is freaking H-O-T! Oh, by the way Rayne, didn't you have a relative at WSA?"
Rayne moved his chair in front of  Ziah's desk ignoring Roslyn's question, "Is it true that Dr. Kaizer was trying to trace the cracker's footprints using your D-virus?"
Ziah partially shrugged her shoulders and averted her eyes from him. "Thank you." she said after emptying the bottle. She froze for a moment when he took her right hand and caught her gaze.
Roslyn moved her seat closer to the two and placed her elbows on top of Ziah's desk.
It finally started. I'm rooting for you Dee! You can do it! Her eyes sparkled as she glanced from one to the other.
The two would always play the Stare Game whenever they had an argument and the loser was required to treat the other with a snack after classes, including Roslyn of course. It was Rayne who would always give up first and she would make fun of him, saying he was guilty of being in love with Dee.
However, this time it was Ziah who first moved her eyes away.
"Does it really matter?" she said pulling her hand from him.
"How could you lose from him?" Roslyn bowed her head in dismay.
"I was only asking. Why are you mad?"
"I'm not mad."Ziah frowned.
"Then why are you frowning?"
"Am not."
Roslyn punched her desk and shook her head. "Dee, why do you let that crazy bald man get the better of you? It was your thesis! He's acting like he owns it or something!"
Ever since Ziah's dissertation won an award at the 3-Minute Thesis Regional Competition, Professor Euclid who was one of the judges assisted in further testing and improving the software program called D-virus. As such, everyone started calling her Ms. D or Dee including Professor Ella, her thesis adviser.
Ziah's face suddenly turned pale and her brows knitted as if she remembered something. She took her bag, threw the empty bottle in the trash can and walked away.
Rayne irked while Roslyn gaped with a confused look.
"Should we follow her?" Roslyn whispered.
Rayne quickly stood up and went after Ziah.
"Hey wait for me! How about our afternoon snack?" Roslyn shouted as she hurriedly ran towards the door. When their classmates saw that they left, everyone took their things and left too.
Ziah stopped at the pedestrian lane when she saw the red traffic light. A hand suddenly held her left shoulder.
"Hey, Ziah."
She turned around and saw Rayne with an irritated look.
"Be careful!" he said as he kissed her left cheek. She unconsciously placed her hands on her confused face.
"I'm really annoyed with the situation you found yourself in. Just don't call me in the middle of the night crying, I won't answer the phone!" He turned around and waved his right hand.
She stared at Rayne's back and realized that he cared about her. The traffic light turned green and the other students who were waiting started to walk towards the other end of the street. When she heard Roslyn's voice from afar, she came back to her senses and hurriedly crossed the road.
"Deeee!" Roslyn shouted at the top of her lungs that made some students turn their heads toward her.
"Hey, wait up!" she shouted as she waved her hands. She searched for Rayne in the parking lot and saw him opening the door of his silver Mercedez-AMG GT. When she checked on Ziah again, she was gone. She pouted and said, "How about some barbecue pork ears, guys?"

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