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Chapter 1: The CyberBeast Page 11

"Fine, fine! Now, it's my turn." the girl said.
Heavy clouds blasted through the air again and several black knights reappeared. A red warning near Simon's watchtower blinked as he looked at his map. When he heard the sound of battle reinforcement, he sent a command to his two minion guards- a white rooster and gray dog. Both minions transformed into large beasts and counter-attacked Tala's clones.
When Simon checked on Tala, there were three illusions of the Destroyer. One in the mid of the valley, one on top of the mountain and the other is at the spring.
If this is my real account, then two of these illusions should have 70% of the DSTYR original skills. I need an anti-matter to get rid of the Mirages or else I'm screwed.
Simon entered another cheat to automatically pick up the gems from the dead black knights. He needed at least 75 gems in less than 3 minutes to obtain an anti-matter. However, a warning came up saying "all cheats have been disabled."
"I'm sorry,” he heard the girl said. “But I can't win if you keep on exploiting the game."
"Just what are you doing?"
"Trying to win.."
"How did you.."
The girl smiled, "I'll tell you if you beat me."
"Who are you?" Simon asked while observing the mirage at the top of the map.
"Nah. You're just someone who's pissing me off." Simon said as he bought an Invisible Thread from the Wayfarer's Cabin. Haik's life was back to 100%.
Every time an enemy knight fell, two more replaced its' place. In less than 2 minutes, the watchtower had been surrounded. The three mirages were also coming closer and closer to his base.
"Feel like giving up?" Ziah teased him. "You seem to enjoy shopping."
Simon ignored her and he checked on his minions who both have less than 30% life. He deactivated their magic skills and set the mode to Normal- their health nearly 5%.
When he saw the Mirage at the top reached the twin falls, he quickly hydro teleported his hero. When Haik reached the falls, he traded the items he bought to the River Nymph dealer for 12 mystic chains and achieved  Anti-Matter lvl 1.
Ziah immediately toggled on Perseid Time Lapse and her destroyer seemed to move faster, stunning Haik in a circular motion using the SuperMassive Black Hole Skill. A huge black hole appeared above the hero's head. Haik leaped and Simon casted the Anti-Matter skill to the Destroyer and 2 of it's mirages dissolved.
"How could you leap away from a black hole?"
"You should know how. Black hole doesn't work with the Cyberbeast too, right?"
Simon quickly turned on the magic skills of the white rooster and it turned into a giant beast again. It let out a high-pitched cry and all the black knights were stunned.
"I see." Ziah said with a proud smile as the crowd cheered loudly.
She placed her fingers on the transparent keyboard and hesitated to type for a second. She just watched as her opponent used the Sword of Edmun in Normal mode and slashed through the Destroyer bringing down her life to 30/100. She checked on his items and saw the Devil Ray was switched on. She also noticed that Tala's lifesteal was no longer working. Instead of stealing 40% of the enemy's life, she was incurring +400 damage attack against her own destroyer.
Looks like it's time to cease resistance from the enemy, she thought. She turned off her high skill and shifted to Normal mode. Her damage stopped and she was left with 10% health. She tried to escape however Haik's gray wolf blocked her way. The beast howled and his fur grew longer and turned into large spikes trapping her destroyer.
"Crap! I'm definitely done for.."
Simon turned on his Blade of Chaos and drew the Sword of Edmun again. Blue water spiraled above the Destroyer and a loud wail pierced through the whole valley. Ziah was deafened by the explosion as she felt cold air on her cheeks.
When Ziah looked at her screen, a 3D word in red bold font circled in the middle of the screen which she read as "GAME OVER." She removed her VR headset when the game avatar bashed her out. You sucked big time, CyberBeast! 78 brilliance has been deducted from your Battle Points.
Shut up, Mangacha! You don't know anything! Ziah contemplated, ignoring the frenzied crowd around her.
The avatar's voice spoke again, this time to Simon. The Mystic Galaxy has been saved. You have reached Grandmaster Lvl 1. New items have been added to your inventory. Click here to view your updated Battle Points.
He removed his VR headset and was surprised when she saw Ziah beside her. "You made me proud, Cyberbeast." she whispered to his ear. His eyes widened and he immediately stood up and followed her as she walked towards Mikhaila.
"You're right!" Ziah pointed a finger gun at her and winked as she pushed herself through the crowd towards the exit door.
Mikhaila called out to Simon but he didn't seem to hear.
"I knew it, she wasn't the real one!" Alfred said in a satisfied voice.

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