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Chapter 1: The CyberBeast Page 9

Simon and Benjie pushed through the thick crowd of young people and when they reached the front, some of the guys complained. They stopped in front of the Knights of the Watchtower machine where a middle-school boy from SBC was currently engaged in a duel with what looked like a university girl.
"Shut up punks!" Benjie shouted, "Now where's the master of these punks?"
Alfred, who was just standing nearby heard Benjie and called them out. "Simon! I knew it was you."
Simon turned his head and saw Alfred walking towards them, "You're next.."
"Hey man! What are you talking about?" he said as they give each other a fist bump.
Alfred placed his right hand on top of Simon's shoulder and mumbled, "Apparently, CB showed up. So when Benjie said you're here, we immediately placed you on the list."
"No, no." Simon said placing his two hands in his pocket. "I only came to watch."
"Dude, I went all that trouble looking for you so don't say no!" Benjie complained.
"Yeah, you can't say no to the Game Master!" and Alfred held his right hand up and showed him a few one thousand peso bill.
"My allowance money is on the line," Benjie continued.
"Eh? But you guys said it was CB? I can't beat that guy."
"You believe that? I don't think CB will show himself in public to reveal his identity," Alfred said as he moved his eyes towards the gamers. "However, I was just painfully owned by that person."
Simon followed his gaze and was completely baffled when he realized Alfred was looking at the girl who was sitting at the farther side of the machine."You've got to be kidding me!"
"I wish, I was."
The girl had a white beanie with a black skull knitted at the left side of her hat and she wore a necklace with a one star pendant. As he was studying her, the girl suddenly lifted her virtual reality headset and stared back. She smiled and pointed a finger gun at them as their game ended.
Simon's lips parted in amusement as the audience roared.
"I knew that chick's hot!"
"CyberBeast is really a girl?
"I heard she crushed Alfred-- just like that."
"You mean SBC's champion?"
"Yeah, yeah. Look, she was looking at him."
Alfred's face reddened and mumbled, "This woman is really irritating me!" He almost threw a tantrum ready to charged, but stopped when he heard Simon's laugh.
"Ha! Ha!...Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha..."
Simon tried hard to suppress the wicked smile on his lips. He covered his mouth with his left hand and gritted his teeth as his facial muscles tensed caused by the blood rushed to his head.
This man is even crazier than the chick! Alfred thought as he moved back.
On the other hand, the girl who was at the other side yawned so hard and teased the boy that she just beat up. "This is starting to feel like a Monday morning in the office."
The young boy stood up and started to stomped his feet, "Dammit!"
"The party has run dry as dust," Ziah said as she stood up from her seat.
"Hey, wait! We ain't done yet," Alfred shouted at the girl.
"Sorry, but I'm done here kid. My brain's starting to get numb."
Alfred's nose flared, "Hey, I'm getting my money back and with interest! If I don't I'm gonna run around town naked, understand?"
"Uhm, I'm not sure I wanna see that," she said with her lips stretched horizontally to her ears.
"I brought the Ace Player! And I'll make sure that you roll around in all the toilet papers in Mossy Maze to get your ass wiped out until you regret the day that you were born!"
Ziah moved her gaze at Simon, "Games can really waste you more than drugs, honey."
"I know," Simon said as he held his hands up.
"Simon, how about you show this lady what a real gamer is all about?" Alfred continued as he waved his hands in the air. "And make sure to beat her ventral striatum out!!"
Ziah chuckled and sat back on her chair, "Ok. ok..You sure have a lousy mouth."
"Hey, wait..I didn't agree, yet," Simon tried to protest.
"Don't worry Sai, you wouldn't lose." Mikhaila suddenly appeared from the crowd followed by two loud voices.
"Make way! Make way! Where's the Cyberbeast?"
"Where? Where is he?"
Mirel placed her hands on her hips and said, "What's with all these people? Is he some kind of a celebrity or something?"
"C'mon Simon, kick her ass!" Jason shouted in support.
"You guys..this is not part of the plan," Simon said as he felt his heart getting warm and so he smiled at the thought that he should better not let his friends down. 
Alfred then called out to the crowd and raised his hands. "Ok fags, who's up for another game?"

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