Friday, September 25, 2015

Chapter 2: Drive-by Download Page 3

Just 41 minutes left before the sun rises, Ziah was peacefully sleeping on the marble floor of her room while wearing the earphones that were still connected to her computer. The lights which were left on reflected the white and gray color of her walls and curtains, giving a subtle and cool appearance to her entire room.
At the center was her queen sized bed with a pale silver carpet under it. Two white pillows lay flat on top of its charcoal gray sheet which was neatly tucked around the corners of the mattress. It was snug and smooth, without creases or wrinkles making it looked like a wasted space in her uncluttered and spacious room.
Suddenly, the three large computer monitors mounted on her wall lit up and went on alarm mode. Ziah woke up with a sudden jolt and tossed the earphones on the floor. She crawled up to her desk and stared at the screens with blurry eyes and a fuzzy head.
As soon as the last memory of her dream left her mind and her consciousness returned to her room, the colors on her face turned from pink to pale as she shouted with wide-eyes, "Oh crap!" She picked up the mobile phone which was lying on top of her black desk, ran out of the door and dialed the first number saved on her call logs.
"Pick it up, bastard."
"Good morning to you too," the sleepy voice on the other end of the line greeted her.
"I'm in trouble Rayne."
* * *

5:30 AM Pampanga Metropolitan Police Station

Three police officers were gathered around the Deputy Chief's table as the screeching hum of the fax machine ended with a loud beep. The chief took the paper while scanning the contents of the Warrant of Arrest issued by the local criminal court for Simon Martin.
"Velarmino, you're in charge of this arrest," the Chief said while handing the warrant to the senior officer. "He may just be a kid, but we don't really know the people behind him. There's a possibility he is being protected and they may help him escape so you better be ready."
"I'm taking five of my men," the Detective Sergeant said. "Just leave it to us."
"I'm counting on you, then." the Chief said as he dismissed the team.
When the detectives left the room, the chief picked up his phone and dialed a number. "My men are off to Greenville to pick up the cracker. They'll have him in less than an hour. I'll let you know once we have him."
"Very well," the voice on the other line said.

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