Sunday, March 27, 2016

Chapter 2: Drive-by-Download Page 14

5:15 PM, The City Library

Mikhaila rolled her uniform tightly and hid it inside her shoulder bag. She walked out of the toilet cubicle, now wearing a light blue shirt and denim shorts. She looked at herself in the mirror and put her reading glasses on.
When she left the restroom, a six-foot tall lady, with a short hair bumped her shoulder. "Hey, watch where you're going!" the lady shouted.
"Oh, sorry," she quickly bowed her head and left.
The lady entered the restroom and checked the toilet cubicles. All were unoccupied except for the one in the middle. She faced the mirror and started to brush the flyaway ends of her hair with her fingers. There were three other students who were in front of the mirror. Two were fixing their make-up and the other one was combing her hair. She straightened her white trench coat and looked at them one by one. After a few seconds, a university student with long black hair came out of the third cubicle and washed her hands in the sink.
"Fuck!" the lady blurted. The four women looked at her in confusion as she hurriedly ran out of the door.

* * *

Third Floor, Arts and Letters Section

Mikhaila scanned the books in the bottom part of the third shelf in aisle 100. She picked up an out of placed Calculus book that was slightly pushed to the back of the steel shelf. 
She stared at the book and the image of the good looking-man who was selling candies and cigarettes near the bottom of the Library stairs went back to her memory. The guy was talking to a couple of pretty college girls and as he raised his hands to brush his hair, she noticed the black Hamilton watch on his wrist. It could be just a coincidence but his nylon jacket seemed to be expensive too.
She took the stairs and heard the security guard shouting at the group of university students blocking the entrance door. The students quickly ran and broke out into laughter. When she was finally inside, she looked back at the guard with furrowed eyebrows. He doesn't look the same as last week. Must be a new hire. She looked down and noticed that he was wearing what seemed to be like a 35,000 peso designer shoes. She was distracted when a young couple reached the entrance walking hand in hand. They were followed by a nerd looking girl in pony tail and thick glasses. She turned away as the security guard checked their passes and let them in.
“Should I go?” Mikhaila asked herself. She opened the book to page 100 and saw a small piece of paper. After reading, she crumpled and hid it inside her pocket.

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