Thursday, October 8, 2015

Chapter 2: Drive-by Download Page 11

"A penny for your thoughts?" Roslyn snapped her fingers in front of Ziah. "Aah..she's not even blinking! Hey, I exist here you know!" she shouted. "Calling D back to Earth, please!"
Roslyn sat in front of her friend who was frozen like a stone. She stared at her in silence. This hopeless girl! What's her problem now?
When she wondered what was bothering her friend, Rayne suddenly came and sat beside Ziah. He placed his arms around her and whispered, "How's the skiddie?"
She responded with a deep sigh.
Rayne shifted his gaze at Roslyn and slowly removed his hands from Ziah's shoulder. "Rose, how come you're still here?"
Roslyn's face turned to purple as her eyes flashed at him, "What? I can't hang-out after class? Are you bothered with my presence? Huh?"
"I'm just.." Rayne stopped and stared at her with confused eyes. "What's your problem?"
Roslyn crossed her arms over her chest. "Nothing. It's just that I. Hate. You!"
Rayne didn't move and after a long silence spoke, "Lu..Na..Tic.."
"That's it!" she stood up trying to suppress her anger.
Rayne looked away when suddenly a sleek black car behind Roslyn caught his attention. The vehicle stopped a few meters away and he quickly recognized the trunk-mounted lip spoiler behind it. When the window opened, a young man with medium straight hair wearing sunglasses waved his hand on him.
"What now!" he murmured. He stood up and approached the guy behind the wheel.
Roslyn's eyes couldn't help but follow him. "Who's that hunk?" she asked as she sat back down, forgetting about his anger.
Rayne placed his hands inside the pockets of his pants and talked to the guy without looking, "What do you want?"
"What's with the cold attitude? I haven't seen you in awhile and this is how you greet me?" the guy said.
"I'm sure you're up to no good," he continued with a cold tone of voice. His brother removed his sunglasses and stared at Ziah and Roslyn. Rayne leaned closer at the car and blocked his brother's view. "Don't even think about it."
"Which one's yours?"
"Doesn't matter."
"Well then, I'm interested on the girl with the white hat. Is that okay with you?" he said still smiling slyly.
"Well I'm interested with Jamie, is that okay with you?"
The guy looked back at Rayne, now with a serious face. "If she show any signs of interest, it's fine as long as it's my one and only brother," and he chuckled.
Rayne's face turned red and he shouted. "You're disgusting. Get lost. Don't ever come near my friends."
The guy laughed loudly that the two girls could hear him.
"Well, looks like Rayne's having fun." Roslyn said, "I wonder who that guy is. He really seems familiar."
Ziah looked at Roslyn's face trying to read her mind. Then she turned to look at Rayne who seemed pissed off.
"I think he's looking at you," Roslyn continued.
"We don't have that sort of relationship," Ziah said.
Roslyn shifted her eyes at Ziah. "No, I'm talking about the other guy"
"Not interested."
"He's reaaally looking at you," Roslyn insisted.
Ziah rested her head on the stone table and closed her eyes, like a dream her thoughts drifted back to Simon. It was also one late afternoon, the sun was about to set. She heard a familiar voice, a sweet voice so dear her heart can't forget.
Why are you crying?
She looked up and saw little Simon staring down at her.
Zey, why are you crying? He asked again.
Roslyn snapped her fingers again in front of her. "Dee! Pick up the phone! Are you daydreaming again?"
Ziah's mind returned back to reality. She immediately answered the phone with a sleepy voice. "Ms. Ella?"
"I'll you see at my office, now," the voice on the other line said.
Ziah hang-up and quickly stood up, "I'm leaving," she told Roslyn.
"Did the witch summon you now?"
She quickly left without answering back.
"Sheesh, what a pain," Roslyn said as looked back at Rayne. She could see him getting frustrated.
The guy in the car smiled as his eyes followed Ziah who was running towards the Computer Science Faculty building. He started the car and wore his sunglasses again. "Sorry to bother you, Rayne. Don't worry I'll do my best not to show my face to you again."
Rayne looked behind him and noticed that Ziah was gone. His brother's car revved up and was also gone in seconds.
"Where did she go?" Rayne asked Roslyn upon returning.
"She went to see Maleficent."
"Malef.." Rayne's eyes narrowed, "Why?"
"Why don't you ask her yourself!"
"Tsk. Do you really hate me?" He sat beside Roslyn still looking at the direction where his brother just parked his car a few minutes ago. "How boring. Let's go watch a movie."
Roslyn's eyes widened and her jaw dropped.
"I'm so pissed off," Rayne continued.
"And I am sooo.. cheesed off?" Roslyn stood up and offered her hand. "What are we waiting for?"
Rayne frowned and ignored her hand. He took his backpack and wrapped his arm around her shoulder instead
“Let’s go cheese head.”

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