Friday, October 9, 2015

Chapter 2: Drive-by Download Page 12

"This is Mikhaila Soriano," Fuentes said as he showed the team a picture of a young girl wearing a pink and gray uniform from Greenville Academy.
"She's cute," De Guzman said as she stared at the girl's picture on the detective's computer.
"She is the niece of Alpha Realty's CEO and the younger sister of the CFO. Apparently, she was Simon Martin's girlfriend. We just received an information that they have a plan to see each other after class. I'm sending her picture to your phones now," Fuentes continued.
Bacsain took his phone and checked on the girl's photo. "I think I saw her before."
"Your daughters go to the same school too, right old man?" she asked him. "Maybe they are classmates or something."
" maybe not. But I think I’ll remember once my leaves are approved."
"You can tell your complaints to the Sergeant once the case is over," she replied.
Arevalo looked at Fuentes and asked, “So what’s the plan?”
The detective turned on his computer monitor and showed it to the others.
"This is GA's blueprint. There are three gates, south, east and west wing. She could leave from any of those gates so we have to carefully watch those three exit points. Since she's our only lead to the cracker, we have to silently follow her until she meets that boy. This is the only chance we've got to capture him while the Sergeant is still busy covering our asses from the Deputy Chief.” Fuentes paused and looked around, “By the way Arevalo, where the hell is the rookie?"
"I told you, he went to the agency to pick up the software engineer. But don't worry I'll tell him to follow.."
"No, it's okay. Let him do what he needs to do. The four of us should be enough for just one kid, right?"
"You bet," de Guzman said putting an unlit cigarette stick in her mouth. "Can't wait to get my hands on that kid, detective."
"Well, I already sent him the photo so don't be surprised if he showed up," Arevalo said, staring at her.
"I like it more without him around," De Guzman smirked at him. She quickly averted her eyes from his stare as she removed the cigarette from her mouth. "That bastard blessed son.."
Bacsain chuckled. De Guzman quickly gave him a sharp look.
"What?" Bacsain snorted.
"I'll take the south gate," Arevalo said, turning to Fuentes.
"So I'll watch at the side, then?" De Guzman asked.
"What about me?" Bacsain pointed to himself.
"I don't need a partner," De Guzman said.
"Well, I think there is still a ninety nine point nine percent chance she'll walked out of the front gate," Arevalo said.
"If I were the girl, I wouldn't take the front."
"Except that you don't act like a girl." Bacsain said trying to suppressed his giggle.
"Okay, it's settled. Bacsain you watch the west gate with De Guzman," Fuentes said as he stood up from his chair.
"Damn it," the lady officer blurted out.
* * *

Three minutes before the final bell, Mikhaila was staring at the clouds outside the window thinking about Simon.
"There's something important that I need to tell you, ok?" she remembered him say last night.
This morning she was so shocked to hear the news about Simon online. The school didn't even bother to hide it from the students since everyone will find out about it eventually. She felt so sick when everyone silently gossiped about him during break time, she wanted to go home but she was too weak to even stand up from her chair.
Good thing she didn't tell anyone about her conversation with Simon last night. She wanted to tell Mirel and Micah that Simon asked her to meet after class however, she knew that it might put them in a compromising situation if ever the police comes to investigate on Simon's friends.
Her thoughts were disrupted when someone shook her shoulders. When she turned around it was Micah and Mirel.

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