Monday, October 5, 2015

Chapter 2: Drive-by Download Page 9

"Who is it? Did they find out where I am?"
"Relax, are you on drugs or something." Ziah tried to calm him down. "No need to freak out like that!"
"Why shouldn't I?” he wrapped his arms around him and continued with an almost inaudible voice, “Last night someone called and asked me where I was, the next day you and the cops are pounding at my front door! And to think I just saw my face on TV saying I was wanted for cyberterrorism! When I think about it," he stopped and placed his hands on his mouth like he wanted to throw up.
"What are you blabbering about now.." she went to pick up the phone attached at the corner of the living room, "Hey, mom.."
Simon sat back on the sofa holding his head. Paranoid, he listened as Ziah spoke on the phone.
"U-huh.... yes... yes...Okay. Don't worry about it. I'll call you later." She hang-up and heaved out a big sigh, "It's just my mom. Anyway, Simon, I have a class until seven. If you really wanted to go to prison and die, you can leave anytime, okay?"
"Thanks, that's a great idea.."
"And I know people who can help us clear your name. So stay here and wait for me."
"Please, don't leave! What if they track me here?"
"You're safe here."
"I don't know, man this is confusing!"
Ziah opened the fridge, took out a green carton box and placed it on the white marble countertop, "You can eat this."
"You're not even listening to me!"
"Sheesh!" Ziah blurted out, "You listened to me, beast! Do you know what you did?"
"Yes, of course!" he shouted in defense.
"So, do you understand the consequences?" she asked again.
Simon stared at her then looked up to his left. When he didn't answer she continued her short sermon.
"You might think you did something good for others, but do you understand what this may cost you? Did you even think what that girl would say?"
"You don't know why I did it, so stop speaking like you know me!"
Ziah blinked her eyes and said, "You're right. I don't know why you did it. So tell me later, I have to go."
"And I trusted them," he said as he followed Ziah around. "It's not my intention to hurt her!"
Ziah ignored Simon as she wore her black parka. She took out the white hat from her backpack and walked towards the door. She stopped when it was half-opened.
"By the way," she turned back to him, "who was it that called you last night?"
Simon stared at her with an upset face, "Oh, that.."

* * *

Time passed by like forever, Simon watched the news about him on TV. He was so angry he wanted to smash the monitor. How many hours had already passed? One.. two.. three.. four..five hours? He must have lost track of time as he thought about Kyle. He remembered, he promised to meet her at the city library after today's class.
Without realizing he already finished three boxes of milk and two plates of green bean pesto. When he checked outside, the rain had stopped and the sun was already shining violently. I must explain to her that I was set up. She will believe me. I know she will. He looked at the wall clock and saw it was past four in the afternoon. He took his jacket and hurriedly went to the door.
Stay here and wait for me, Ziah's words echoed through his head. He stopped and hesitated to touch the doorknob.

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