Saturday, March 26, 2016

Chapter 2: Drive-by Download Page 8

Rayne stopped the car in front of a huge white house. "Can you handle it from here?" he asked Ziah.
"Yep. Thanks, Rayne," she replied with a weak smile.
"Call me if something comes up," he said as he unlocked the door.
When Rayne left, the two entered the house. Simon noticed that the spacious house had nothing but a white sofa in front of six large mirrors mounted on the wall. He wondered if it’s some kind of a safe house or something.
They passed by the kitchen and there were also nothing but cabinets and a counter. No utensils, no table and chairs, no leftover food nor a painting of the Last Supper hanging on the wall.
"Did you just move?" he asked.
"You can change in that room," Ziah pointed at the room at the end of the hall. "Take a quick shower and change your clothes. I don't want a sick border here," she continued. Simon frowned and left her without a complaint. She took out the kid's hard drive from her jacket and went to the kitchen. She sealed it in a plastic bag, opened the fridge and placed it inside.
She stared at the refrigerator and felt satisfied so she hurriedly went to her room and turned on her computers. She sat on the floor, cupped her face with both her hands, and stared on the monitors. Her face full of confusion as she hit the Print button on the screen.
After a few minutes, Simon came out of the bathroom and dried his hair with a white towel. He walked around the living room and called out at Ziah.
"Hey! How did you know the police are coming?"
"I have my sources," he heard her voice echoed from the hallway.
He looked around and continued, "What kind of sources, and why should I trust you?"
When Ziah didn't answer, Simon went to the hallway and saw a slightly opened door. Paranoid, he slowly walked towards the room. He almost jumped when Ziah suddenly came out of the door and slapped a piece of paper on his chest, "Then why did you come with me?"
"What the hell is this?" he asked.
"Go, figure out," she said while heading to the living room.
Simon followed her as he quickly scanned the paper she gave him. His face turned red upon realizing it was a copy of his warrant. He felt a little dizzy and sat on the white sofa in the living room, "Where did you get this?"
Ziah ignored Simon's question while she pushed a switch on the wall. Suddenly, one of the fifty-five inch mirrors in front of them turned on. He rubbed his eyes with his hand as he watched his face flashed on the screen. His jaw dropped as he listened to Dixie Enriquez, the rising young news anchor from KSA Station, delivered the news about a senior high school student who was wanted for cybercrime.
"Holy V!"
"You talked to him last night, right?”
“To DK!"
"Yes. No. I mean," he looked down and moved his hand on his neck like he was in pain, "I didn't tell you but.."
"I understand. So calm down."
The phone suddenly rang and Simon jumped off of the sofa.

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