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Chapter 2: Drive-by-Download Page 15

Simon sat silently on the ground, behind the large bushes located at the east side of the library's yard. He leaned his back on the trunk of the Molave tree, his head covered with his jacket's hood. Slowly, he breathed in, trying to remember the scent of vanilla and ylang-ylang. It was a nice smell. As he breathed out, he looked at the sky. Patiently he waited for the darkness to cover its entirety. He looked below the highway, and counted the thirteenth sports car that passed by. Across the street, he glanced over the 400 hectares forested area and tried to locate the giant tree in the middle of the two million trees covering the land.
When he heard footsteps and panting behind him, he quickly peeked through the bushes to check who arrived. He smiled when he saw it was Mikhaila. He looked behind her to see whether she was being followed. When he didn't see anyone, he looked back to Mikhaila and saw her looking up the tree.
He moved his eyes up and saw a small kite made out of light blue plastic bag, stuck at its branches. He suddenly pulled Mikhaila’s hand towards him and covered her mouth when she tried to scream. “It’s me. Simon.”
When Mikhaila stopped struggling, Simon removed his hands from her mouth and hugged her.
She hugged him back and whispered, "I feel like I'm being followed."
"I don't see anyone," Simon released her and took a sneak peek at the surroundings again.
"Don't come out, I think..there are strange people following me," she whispered again.
Simon hid behind the trunk and said. "Okay. But you have to hear me explain--"
"Stop!" she said in a hush. "Please stop, I don't wanna hear it."
Simon clenched his fist, "What? But Kyle!"
“The ground has ears and the news has wings. You'll never know who's listening.”
"Sshhh! I just want to know if you're safe, that's all."
"I am. But I told you last night, right? I want to tell you something.."
"Please, Sai I have to go now." When she tried to step out of the bushes, Simon grabbed her hand tight.
"Let me go. I don’t really wanna see you right now. I wanna go home. And if you ever try to come near me, I will really hate you! I don't want to see your pathetic face ever again, you got that?"
Simon stared at her and slowly loosened his grip. Mikhaila pulled her hand away from him and started to walk away.
"Wicked," he whispered to himself, "Don't wanna see me yet she's here." He looked away and shook his head. He sighed heavily and ruffled his hair. After a long pause, he came out of the bushes and ran to her.
"Kyle," he called her. "Please don't hate me.” He grabbed her shoulders and turned her around to face him. “ If you wait for me and I make it through, I'll come back and marry you."
"Idio-- are you crazy? I  won't wait for you," she said in disbelief.
“Are you serious?”
Mikhaila paused, "I.. I have to go back."
"Kyle, please forgive me," he softly said. When Simon tried to reached for her face, she quickly slapped it away.
"O-okay, okay! I believe you. I'll wait," she murmured. And the things that she really wanted to ask and say where lost between her sobs.
Simon wrapped his hands around her neck and hugged her. "Are you crying?" he asked, not waiting for an answer. He whispered something on her ear and slowly loosened his embrace. Mikhaila shivered and held on Simon's hands tightly.
"I’ll be fine," he said. She looked down. She can't let him see the guilty look on her eyes. With all her might, she let go of his hands and slightly pushed him back.
Simon quickly ran back through the bushes and in a blink of an eye, he disappeared. When he was gone, she felt a sudden presence behind her.
“Don’t worry,” a tall and lean young man with a tousled hair came out of nowhere. “I’ll make sure he’s safe.”  Mikhaila was so shocked that she dropped on the ground. When the man ran after Simon, she placed her hands over her head and cried.
Hey Sai, maybe I will regret this day. Maybe, I won't see your face again, Maybe one day, I will forget the way you ruffle your hair or the way you touch the tip of my hair. Maybe that night, when the gate was between us, it was destined that I won't be able reach you anymore. And Simon, you can break your promises now, I'll be alright.
She heard the rusty gate closed between them,  She felt the familiar churn on her stomach again. Simon's face was pale and his eyes were heavy. She smiled and dragged her feet away.

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