Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chapter 2: Drive-by Download Page 10

The door opened and a lady with a long curly brown-hair wearing a black apron entered the home office of Alpha Realty CEO's nephew.
"Joyce. I'm a bit busy."
The young maid closed the door behind him and smiled, "Sir, it's about your sister Mikhaila and that boy in the news."
Larry stopped typing and closed the lid of his laptop. He leaned back in his chair and stared at the housekeeper's face. He shifted his gaze down to her neck and then back to her eyes. "What is it?"
Joyce smirked and walked closer to the Chief Financial Officer's table.
Outside, there were two men standing guard in front of the COO's room. One of them was a tall man  with a solid and firm body. He listened to the vibrations picked up by the twenty-four millimeter round voice transmitter he secretly placed underneath Larry's desk. His face tensed as he made an excuse to the other man to leave his position. He walked away from the hallway and dialed a number.
When the other person picked up the phone, he spoke in a hush voice, "There’s something that you need to know."
* * *

Raul turned off the phone and placed it on top of his desk. He watched his co-workers from his opened door when he caught sight of Regis passing by.
Regis quickly disappeared and he wondered if the kid heard him. He stood up when suddenly, Regis face appeared in front of his door.
"Yes, detective?"
He walked towards the officer, grabbed his shoulder and closed the door.
"Did you finish the report? Did the Sergeant read it already?"
"Then, what about the cracker's computer?"
"Hard drive's missing."
"The cheat cartridge?"
"Oh, that!" Regis exclaimed with confusion. When he was not sure what to say, he looked around and decided to sat on Arevalo's chair. He placed his feet on top of the table and stroke his chin. "Should I forward it to the agency for decryption?"
"Did you mention it on the report?"
"Should I?"
"No. I know someone from the agency who can help us on that. I'll tell the Sergeant I asked you to fetch that software engineer from the agency to check on the cracker's computer. By the way, her name is Leila Williams."
"And so? What do you really want me to do?"
"I want you to capture the cracker."
"Go to the City Library at seventeen hundred hours. He'll be there. Make sure you capture him alive."
Regis nodded as he tried to process what the detective was saying, "You're not serious right?"

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