Monday, October 5, 2015

Chapter 2: Drop-by Download Page 5

The six officers hurriedly got out of their cars while the dawn is still buried in deep darkness. Velarmino gave a hand signal for everyone to take their position.
"I'm counting on you, Fuentes, " the Detective Sergeant said as he nodded at the newly promoted Detective.
"Leave it to us, Sarg." It was Dela Cruz who replied as she quickly headed first towards the cracker's house. Fuentes nodded back and he followed Dela Cruz to the backyard porch while Bacsain and Arevalo went to the other side of the house.
Velarmino pulled out his revolver and started to walk towards the front door, "Let's roll, kid."
"I'm down for whatever it is.." Regis mumbled to himself.
When they reached the front door, Velarmino started pounding on the door, "Police! Open the door now!" he shouted announcing their presence.
Regis aggressively rang the doorbell at random times. The Sergeant stopped pounding and ordered him to kick the door.
The loud bangs on the door reached the backyard porch where Dela Cruz and Fuentes went. The detective instructed Dela Cruz to check on the screen door and they were surprised to discover it was open. Fuentes gave her a hand signal and they both entered the house. The two found themselves at the kitchen area, checking around with their flashlights on. They almost jumped when suddenly, a high-pitched whistle of a kettle echoed through the whole house. Fuentes found a switch and turned the lights on, while Dela Cruz went to turned off the stove. The whistle stopped, and after a few seconds of silence loud thuds from the second floor followed.
"Upstairs!" Fuentes shouted as they both ran to the living room.
When they reached the next room, they heard Fuentes' voice.
"After him!" 
They all saw a small kid wearing an oversize hooded sweatshirt running for the front door. When Dela Cruz was about to reach him, the door was kicked open and a terrified cry came out.
"On your knees," Velarmino shouted and the kid immediately dropped to the floor.
"Put your hands up where we can see them!"
"What's your name?"
The officers shouted simultaneously as they pointed their guns and flashlights to the kid.
"Get those things off my face!" the kid yelled as she covered her face with her hands.
"I said, put your hands up!" Fuentes shouted again.
Someone turned the lights on and Regis removed the hood from her head, "It's the li'l sister."
Everyone looked at each other in surprised.
"Where's your big brother?" Fuentes asked.
Arevalo, who was upstairs shouted, "We're too late, the cracker's gone!"
"You heard that? The snapperhead's gone! So fuck off!" Chloe shouted in frustration.
"I think I like this kid," Regis murmured.
"He must still be hiding inside the house," Fuentes turned to Velarmino. "According to our agent, the suspect was confirmed to be here last night and there was no sign of him leaving the house until now!"
"We have to look again, I don't care if you have to turn the house upside down!" Velarmino spoke in a steady, deep voice. "Dela Cruz and Bacsain, search the neighboring area! He must still be around near here somewhere."
"Yes, sir!" and the two hurriedly went outside the house.
"You!" Velarmino called out to Regis, "Check upstairs."
Regis stood up and went to the second floor as instructed.
"Look kid," Fuentes knelt down and  pointed her semi-automatic handgun at the kid's face and glared at her, "We are getting very impatient here so you better spill out the truth. Where did Simon go?"  
"I don't know!" she cried.
"Okay then, how about you sit on the couch, so we can talk better."
"This is my house! I'll sit where I want," she shouted again, her cries getting louder.
Everyone was startled when they heard an old man's husky voice from the front door, "Your tongue is getting sharper each day, Chloe," a man in late fifties wearing a black long-sleeved sweater and khaki pants appeared behind Velarmino. "That's not how you talk to an officer, heh?"
"Attorney Rivera?" Velarmino said as he instinctively pointed his forty-five caliber at the old man.
The attorney put his hands up and spoke in a surprised voice, "My, my, if it wasn't the Detective Sergeant."
"So it was you," Velarmino slowly lowered his gun upon confirming the person in front of them. "We have a warrant for Simon Martin. I'm sure you have an idea why."
"Then may I see the warrant?" the old man asked. He went straight to the living room and sat on the small black sofa, "Come, detectives. Let's sit on the couch so we can talk better." He tapped the sofa and continued, "Hurry, I don't have all day."

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